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Matteo Thun Milano

Matteo Thun Milano is where pleasure and feeling meet on a human scale. Renowned for our responsible approach to architecture, design and communication, our projects are forces for good, respecting the relationships between people, places and products to ensure everyday enhancement.

As a Milan-based studio, we proudly nurture the concept of Made in Italy for a new generation. Honouring cultural heritage is at the heart of this restorative vision that imbues soul to every project, resulting in spaces that resonate both sensorially and emotionally.

We energise our projects with intangible joie de vivre that derives from our authentic approach. Individuality and integrity combine to instil a sense of wellbeing that acknowledges the power and importance of incorporating and respecting the natural world.

Our architects and designers across Milan and Munich create tailor-made solutions for lifestyle enhancing homes, high-end hospitality, humane healthcare and inspirational workplaces.

Complemented by product design and branding graphic design, the studio's holistic approach shapes iconic architectural schemes, products and brand visions for a worldwide clientele.


Matteo Thun & Partners, Milano

Masterplans, architecture, interior design, product design, branding.

Matteo Thun Milano, Munich

Architecture and interior design throughout Germany and Switzerland.

Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, Milano

Product Design, interior design, exhibition stand design, graphic design.


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Matteo Thun / Founder and Art Director

A pupil of Oskar Kokoschka and Emilio Vedova at the Salzburg Academy and graduate of the University of Florence, Matteo’s formative professional years were spent under the guardianship of Ettore Sottsass. Together, they co-founded the globally renowned Memphis Group in 1981. 

Several years a professor in ceramic design at the Vienna University of Applied Arts and creator of era-defining pieces, Matteo founded his eponymous design studio in 1984 where he would establish himself as one of his generation’s most influential voices and talents. 

From his headquarters in Milan and Munich, Matteo continues to nurture an architecture and design practice that strives to create respectful and long-lasting solutions through a future orientated lens.

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Antonio Rodriguez 

Designer Antonio Rodriguez’s pursuit of simplicity with personality has resulted in icons of utility and design. Antonio studied design and architecture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, at the Escuela de Artes in his native Spain and at IED in Milan.

He applied his philosophy that good design enhances everyday objects to several high-profile collaborations with brands including Hitachi, Mattel and Toshiba before he joined Matteo Thun & Partners.

In partnership with Matteo Thun he founds MTD-r in 2003. Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez projects are renowned for nurturing the concept of Made in Italy for a new generation, allying sophisticated essential aesthetics with intuitive functionality. 

Elisa Vago

Studio Director, Elisa Vago oversees architectural projects from conception to finalisation, delivering site-specific solutions through the studio’s shared lens of simplicity.  

An architecture graduate of the Polytechnic University of Milan, Elisa joined Matteo Thun in 2012 bringing with her extensive experience from the studios of Guido Canella and Gae Aulenti.

Elisa’s thorough coordination and comprehensive approach is responsible for several high-profile projects across Italy, each pertaining to her philosophy that good design is defined as simple, functional, and timeless.

Matteo Beretta

Matteo Beretta’s holistic approach to design and architecture focuses on the individual and their wellbeing.

Shortly after graduating from the Polytechnic University of Milan with a degree in architecture, Matteo joined Matteo Thun in 2008 where he quickly established his expertise in delivering conscious and complex design for both residential and commercial commissions. 

Instinctively seeking to incorporate elemental beauty in each project, Matteo has been integral in developing the Matteo Thun Milano language that combines design, aesthetic, and narrative value to create functional final products that have a story to tell.



Boris Ulrich

Chief Executive Officer Boris Ulrich joined Matteo Thun in 2015 where he continues to nurture a progressive and healthy working environment.

Responsible for administration, finance and human resources, Boris established his career as Managing Director of prominent companies after completing his degree in economy and commerce at the University of Turin.

Closely identifying the goals and values of the Founder, his fellow Partners and the wider company, Boris’s ongoing objective is to ensure the studio is the number-one destination for sustainable, luxury architecture and design.

Karola Gröger

Director of the Matteo Thun Milano office in Munich, Karola Groeger is responsible for the curation, communication and coordination of all projects that derive from the studio’s German HQ. 

A graduate in interior design from the Hochschule for Technik Stuttgart, Karola enjoyed over two decades of collaboration with Matteo Thun on large-scale hospitality projects in Germany before coming on board in a permanent capacity in 2020. Prior to this, Karola established her career as an Interior Architect in Hamburg and Munich, managing complex refurbishments and new-build hotels across Europe. 

Resolute in respecting materials, location, and the surrounding environment in realising clients’ desires, Karola plays an integral role in Matteo Thun Milano’s commitment to delivering long-lasting design with the wow factor.