Karola Gröger


Bringing together expertise for the creation of durable designs.

DER Bogen, Munich, Bavaria
Senior Living, Lake Starnberg, Bavaria
Kirinus Alpenpark Klinic, Bad Wiessee, Bavaria
Luxury Hotel, Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria

Karola Gröger and her dedicated team prioritise open and effective communication with clients, overseeing the work of various planning and execution firms.

Through her involvement in diverse projects such as DER Bogen, the Senior Living facilities on Lake Starnberg, the Kirinus Alpenpark Klinic, and a 5* innovative luxury hotel on Lake  Chiemsee, Karola has developed a deep understanding of clients' unique needs and expectations. Her expertise allows her to align closely with our clients' visions, ensuring that every project is managed with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to achieving the project's objectives.

Karola's approach is characterized by a blend of empathy, strategic planning, and execution excellence, making her a trusted partner in bringing visionary projects to life.

Drawing on the design experience of the Milan office and the technical expertise of the Munich office, Karola Gröger, Partner and Head of the Munich office, oversees the curation, communication and coordination of projects emanating from the studio's German headquarters.

With a degree in interior design from the Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart, Karola has contributed over two decades to large-scale hospitality projects alongside Matteo Thun. Her expertise in managing complex renovations and new-build hotels across Europe is testament to her commitment to sustainable and meaningful design that respects materials, location and environment to generate value for our clients.

Bridging the Milan and Munich practices for the realisation of creative and fully integrated designs, Karola fosters the collaborative dialogue essential for the successful completion of our architectural and interior design projects.