Boris Ulrich

CEO & Partner

Nurturing a dynamic and healthy working environment.

Since 2015, Boris has been responsible for administration, finance and human resources at Matteo Thun Milano Group. After graduating in Economics and Commerce from the University of Turin, he consolidated his career in M&A and as Managing Director of a leading international urban mobility management company.

An advocate of an open company culture, Boris is committed to support the creative process and the studio’s initiatives, believing that the quality of each project should be a reflection of the calibre of the team. By nurturing the teams’ creativity and authenticity, Boris fuels the company's continued growth and reach.

This commitment was a driving force behind the bold move to open a Munich office in the midst of the pandemic, enabling the firm to oversee significant projects in German-speaking regions directly from the ground.

Closely identifying with the values of Matteo Thun, his partners and the company as a whole, Boris' ongoing goal is to ensure that the studio is the number one destination for sustainable, high-end architecture and design.

Upholding the shared values of the studio, Partner and CEO Boris Ulrich oversees from Milan and Munich the studio's development as a leading destination for conscious architecture and design.