Falkensteiner Park Resort Lake Garda Salò

On the shores of Lake Garda we are designing a new luxury resort that deliberately combines relaxing experiences with the healing properties of nature.

From Wood to Bamboo, a docu-series of director Jakob Kneser

Don’t miss it !
On June 24 ARTE TV will feature a docu-series of director Jakob Kneser (German /French).

22.45h ‘From Wood to Bamboo’ part 2 will include Matteo Thun discussing wood – his favorite building material.

Part 1 at 21.50h /From Concrete to Clay
Part 2 at 22.45h /From Wood to Bamboo
Part 3 at 23.35h /Of living Bridges and fibre buildings

"IN THE SUMMER OF 2009" photographed by Walter Pfeiffer Edited by Susanne Thun

More than a book about design: a humorous merging of the then young sons with the oeuvre of their famous father, a homage to Matteo Thun.