Vigilius Mountain Resort

Vigilius Mountain Resort allows an intense landscape experience. Following the outline of the mountain the building that reinterpretes local traditional construction, melts with the immediate surroundings and received the first ClimaHotel certification.

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  • 地点
    Merano, Lana (IT)
  • 时间
    2001 - 2003
  • 提供服务
    Architecture, Interior Design, Lighting Design
  • 建筑面积
    11,500 m²
  • 房间数


  • 2016  Lignius Award
    2013  Geo Saison Hotels Ranking, Mountain Resort category (1st place)
    2006  Award Legambiente/Regione Lombardia
    2005  Panda d'oro Best Hotel Opened in the Year, WWF, Italy
    2004  Gala SPA Award
    2004  Wallpaper Design Award