Thermal Spa, Jod Schwefelbad

The integration of the health and bathing spa at Lake Tegernsee into the surrounding natural environment is a fundamental aspect of the project, which focuses on the unique composition of Bad Wiessee's iodine (Jod) and sulphur (Schwefel) springs, renowned for their rarity and effectiveness in treating various health conditions. The use of natural materials such as wood and stone, combined with indirect lighting solutions, creates a warm and inviting environment, ensuring that guests receive treatment in spaces that prioritise comfort, wellbeing and privacy.

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  • 地点
    Bad Wiessee (DE)
  • 时间
  • 客户
    Jod-Schwefel-Bad Wiessee GmbH
  • 服务
    Architecture, Interior Design
  • 建筑面积
    1350 m²
  • 现状

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