"IN THE SUMMER OF 2009" photographed by Walter Pfeiffer Edited by Susanne Thun

More than a book about design: a humorous merging of the then young sons with the oeuvre of their famous father, a homage to Matteo Thun. 

Matteo Thun names four New Partners within the Design Practice

Boris Ulrich, Karola Gröger, Elisa Vago and Matteo Beretta have become Partners of the architectural and design studio founded by Matteo Thun in 1983, also present in Munich since 2020. 

These nominations mark a key step in the evolution of the practice, one that will encourage growth while maintaining its distinctive culture. 

Elisa, Matteo, Karola and Boris have each played a key role in establishing the studio's reputation in the fields of lifestyle enhancing homes, high-end hospitality, humane healthcare and inspirational workplaces, implementing our common vision of timeless, long-lasting and simple design." - Matteo Thun.

With the studio’s 40th anniversary in view, the expansion of the partnership allows the studio to build on its success and look confidently to the future.

Botanical Architecture

We see nature as an integral part in our architecture and interior design. Natural stone, wood and green areas – both inside and outside, characterize our work. Read More

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