What I wanted to do

There is a briefing – there are ideas. 
Often ideas are implemented – get real, become buildings.
Sometimes timing is not right. Sometimes the time is not ripe.
Doha, Berlin, Milan

We love to build with wood - and to bring nature inside.
For construction as well; in an urban surrounding vertically.
Milan, China

Botanical Architecture
Houses disappear; become an integral part of the land. City, Mountain or Sea, architecture is about consistency using local and natural materials such as wood and stone. South of Europe, East of Germany

The ‘beauty of economy’ - prefabricated timber construction reduces time and costs. A headquarter symbolizing the company’s product, providing inner gardens. A waterhouse.
Parma, Hamburg

Building with Nature
Finding solutions for projects that blend with the cultural landscape. Local architecture rules a hospitality project. The lagoon-scape inspires the masterplan for a luxury-resort. Croatia, Grado, Eastern Desert

Echoing the morphology of the land. Architecture that blends with the environment rather than disturbing it. Vertical nature – vertical ambition. Stables become suites in a mountain village. Italy, Switzerland

Luxury Homes
A light-flooded privacy. A dream project, facing the black sea.
Austria, Sochi

A façade is a statement. It may act as a worldwide communication tool, it can reflect the historic spirit of a city in a modern way, can tease the shape of the company’s product and can mirror the immediate neighbourhood. Germany and worldwide. Saronno, Milan, Lake Constance